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A Piece of CakeA Piece of Cake

"This is a large, international, and highly accessible collection of classic recipes, understandable theory, and practical technique. Susan Purdy's A Piece of Cake will be just as pleasurable to the armchair cook as it will be useful to the experienced baker. . . a terrific baking book, thorough, readable, and loving."

-- Paula Wolfert

". . . this is an exceptional cake book."

-- The New York Times

"There's something for every baker here, the pro as well as the beginner. No cook, no kitchen, should be without this definitive guide to cake-making."

-- Jean Anderson

"Susan Purdy's no-nonsense approach to cake-making is serious but never weighty -- like her wonderful cakes. A Piece of Cake provides both a sound introduction ofr beginners and many interesting techniues for veteran cake bakers."

-- Nick Malgieri, author of Nick Malgieri's Perfect Pastry

A Piece of Cake is published by Collier Books, 1989 / Hardcover / 512 pages / ISBN: 0020360851.

A Piece of Cake is currently out of print, but hardback and paperback editions can usually be found on the Web's used-book and auction sites, such as Bookfinder, Powell's Books, and eBay -- search for "Susan G. Purdy."

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